There are many possible uses for this versitile piece of land... from residences to hobby farms, from hospitality to long term care. Or, bring your own visions and ideas...

Build your Executive Home

With multiple prime building sites to choose from, you can perch your new house high up on the riverbank. Geotech survey established excellent ground stability and approval for construction near the edge. Enjoy views that will take your breath away... and your guests’ when they visit. If you choose not to develop right away, the property could very well be a good place to park your money.

Or Homestead with Horses

A number of the neighbours keep horses, and this property would be a good home for yours as well. Largely flat and easy to fence, if you were to do some clearing the land has some harvestable timber. There's a combination of new growth and old growth firs, plus a variety of wild cherry trees, cedars, birches, maples, and dogwoods. Covered with ferns and other natural ground cover.

A Hobby Farm with your Family

A great place to raise chickens, goats, and a family. If you have a green thumb you will appreciate the established apple trees, rhododendrons, azalias and other naturalized plants and shrubs growing in the rockwork and gardens that have outlived the old homestead. If you’ve got your survivalist hat on, it's well suited to ride out tough times: fertile soils, excellent sun and growing conditions, river fishing, and good layout for your gated and fortified estate.

Subdivision Potential

The property has strong potential to be subdivided into five 1-acre+ parcels. (Check with the District of Hope.) The water-main crosses the bridge from downtown Hope and lands square at the doorstep, bringing ample city water to service multiple lots. Approximately 10 years ago the property was approved for a subdivision that saw three new lots plus a 3-acre remainder. (Prior to that, the previous owner received preliminary approval for a subdivision that resulted in five lots.) All requirements were satisfied including geotechnical engineering, septic perc tests and planning, waterline design, formal survey, etc..

Commercial Possibilities

There are countless development possibilities and commercial uses for the land, as well. (Check with the District of Hope.) With roughly 650 feet of highway frontage, it affords excellent exposure to the well travelled Trans Canada Highway. If the property were rezoned, it would be an amazing site for a variety of developments such as retirement living or extended care complex, a gated community, restaurant/resort, campground and/or RV Park, or your ideas...

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