Standard Growth Chart

When you visit Hope today you might notice that it is starting to feel a bit "Whistler'ish"... New construction is tastefully rustic and "west coast", while older buildings are getting contemporary facelifts and upgrades with modern features. Like beautiful Whistler BC, blossoming *Hope* is surrounded by majestic mountains--with rivers, lakes, hiking trails and other outdoor activities and attractions. According to Google Maps, the drive takes the same amount of time from Vancouver: 1 h 40 min. Absent the ski hills, some have speculated that Hope might become somewhat of a "Whistler to the East".

Beyond Chilliwack

In recent years Chilliwack has been experiencing a surge in growth and expansion. People looking to escape the burgeoning hustle and bustle of Chilliwack (and west) are finding calm and affordability offered by the small-town charm and pleasant pace in the neighbouring District of Hope.

"Chilliwack is among the faster growing communities in the Fraser Valley, according to 2016 census data released by Statistics Canada on Wednesday."
~ Source: "Chilliwack and area population among the fastest growing in B.C."

Unlike Chilliwack, Hope is not characterized by vast, wide swaths of land. As the valley funnels into the District the geography becomes narrow and rugged. The surrounding mountains impose a constraint on available buildable land, causing a squeeze where real estate values are expected to lift as demand increases and supply is limited.

Highway Widening

Governments at local, provincial, and federal levels are working together toward the widening of the highway from Vancouver to Chilliwack and subsequently Hope. In the most recent segment, Highway 1 construction is currently underway from Langley to Aldergrove.

"$235 million will be spent to widen 10 kilometres from 216th to 264th, by adding an HOV lane in each direction. Currently the highway is two lanes in each direction for most of the stretch, leading to traffic bottlenecks and frequent accidents. Over 9,000 commercial trucks use the highway from Langley to Chilliwack every day."
~ Source: "Highway 1 will be widened from Langley to Aldergrove"

Initiatives are also in the works for the imminent additional expansion from Aldergrove to Chilliwack, which will make the District of Hope even more accessible.

"Mayors in the Fraser Valley are renewing calls for the province to widen the Trans-Canada Highway to six lanes between Langley and Chilliwack."
~ Source: "Fraser Valley mayors call on province to widen Highway 1 through to Chilliwack"